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The Bodysonic MRA

The Bodysonic MRA is a very effective health analysis instrument that not only can detect anomalies of one's organs, but can also treat by applying electro-therapy as well as preparing a remedy by inducing healthy energizing scalar waves to remedy mediums that can then be taken by the patient at a later stage. Originally developed in Russia the Bodysonic MRA is cutting edge radionics scanning technology that performs a comprehensive body scan revealing the energy levels of each organ, gland and system in one's body.


By analyzing the 'scalar' frequency of each area and part of the body the Bodysonic MRA then creates an onscreen feedback of the condition through a color measuring spectrum. Those areas that are not resonating to their optimum frequency are then balanced by the Bodysonic MRA through a process known as opposite waveform correction.


The Bodysonic MRA has also had numerous successes in assessing hard to find ailments and illnesses, and is a very powerful tool to provide especially a chronically ill person information to approach a medical professional with more detailed description what may cause his/her illness. This information provided by the Bodysonic MRA empowers the medical professional to make further assessments to diagnose and treat the patient accordingly.


The Bodysonic MRA's functioning is based on the collective research of Dr. Reinhard Voll, Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. Royal Rife and more recently Dr. Robert O. Becker. 

 (Read here more about their research)


The Bodysonic MRA is one of the most extensive comparison computerized health analysis systems on the market as it reveals symptoms, psychological problems, micro-organisms, allergies, parasites and pollutants in the body and can assist with suggesting medication remedies that are safe and compatible to the clients health profile.


To put it simply: “The Bodysonic MRA decodes the frequencies emitted by the different organs of one’s body”. Its functioning is based on the science of bio-electro-magnetics, also known as bio-electromagnetism. Bio-electromagnetics is the study of the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological entities. Areas of study include electrical or electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues or organisms, including bio-luminescent bacteria; for example, the cell membrane potential and the electric currents that flow in nerves and muscles, as a result of action potentials. Bio-electromagnetics also refer to the ability of living cells, tissues, and organisms to produce electrical fields and the response of cells to electromagnetic fields. 


Every organ and every cell has their own, distinctive oscillation which is detected and stored in the Bodysonic MRA computer memory, which is displayed as a graph representing the conditions of the information exchange between the tissue and the environment. Every pathological process has its own distinctive individual graph. A great number of pathological processes relating to degree, age, sex and other variables are stored in the computer memory. This investigation device can compare the degree of their spectrum similarity to reference processes (healthy, pathology-affected tissues, infection agents) after reading the frequency characteristics of the biological object and define the closest pathological processor a tendency to its origin.


The Bodysonic suggests remedies for health problem: The  Bodysonic MRA’s establishes the most efficient remedy by recording the frequency fluctuations of any preparation, while making a simultaneous computer comparison between the spectral characteristics of every preparation stored in the computer memory (the number may to a few thousands) and the characteristics of the pathological process. A disease can be represented as a disturbance of harmonic synchronization in a biological object. The disturbance may be brought about by different kinds of causes which in some cases, can be regarded as disharmonious electromagnetic oscillations that make blockages (noise) that interfere with normal functioning of the body.


The Bodysonic MRA device measures radiation from where it originates, in order to then decode and display a virtual model of the organ in a variety of colors on the computer screen. By following the rules of quantum chromo-kinetics, the Bodysonic MRA represents entropy values of any system in color, the tints of which will change from light yellow (minimum entropy values), through orange to red and purple, nearly black (maximum entropy values).


The Bodysonic MRA decodes the electromagnetic energy signals of each organ in the body and then visually displays a graphical virtual model of the organs via the software on the computer screen. The Bodysonic MRA then conveys the condition of each organ in a spectrum of colours according to the electro-magnetic radiation of the organ. 


A MRA such as the Bodysonic MRA makes it possible to determine the condition of the pathological process of organs. It compares the user’s organs according to a database of information of subjects of the same age, gender, weight etc to obtain anomalies in the general health condition of that specific user.


It can then very accurately access the dynamics of the different body organs’ condition as well as the process of the decay of the biological structures of the body. When the evaluation (scan) is concluded the Bodysonic MRA gives a report on possible damaged tissues, probable ailments and diseases (Pathomorphology), allergies, toxins, microorganisms and parasites in the body as well as suggestions to cure or treat the identified health problems. 

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